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Briefly I had a wonderful obsession with Mamiya. It started by accident, I had taken my beloved Leicaflex SL in for a service back in 1999 and whilst waiting to be served I came across the Mamiya NC1000s sitting in a cabinet on sale for £90. I was slightly confused, I never knew Mamiya made 35mm cameras. I had to have it. 

Mamiya NC1000sMamiya NC1000s + f1.7 Mamiya Sekor lensbeautiful little workhorse... should of kept it! Perfect little camera, never let me down, never should of sold it!


Then came the tiny Mamiya 135, bought on eBay for £60. A little pocket rangefinder, a bit like the Rollei 35 I lusted after as a child!


Mamiya 135Mamiya 135my everyday shooter for 10 years

A perfect everyday shooter, metered well and that 38mm lens made it great for street photography.

But I needed more! At Uni we used the big beasts from Mamiya... The RB and RZ medium format cameras. Fantastically engineered!
So I had a look on eBay and lo and behold a classic Twin Lens Reflex C22 with an 80mm and a 105mm for less than a £100!

Mamiya C22Mamiya C22 + 105mm Sekor lensa big beast

Now this produced amazing photos but coming from a background using a Leica, well it's slow, it slows you down but it does make you think about the shot. A pleasure to have owned it.

Lastly came the MSX500. A curious camera with a dodgy meter bought on eBay, should have kept the 55mm lens as the M42 fitting would sat nicely on my Fujis

Mamiya MSX500Mamiya/Sekor MSX500 + 55mm f1.8 lensDodgy meter, cracking lens!

Then in 2011 I discovered the Fujifilm X series and I sold the lot to finance my new obsession...Well perhaps not new really when I think about it as these X cameras don't half remind of the Mamiya I owned. Not just the retro aesthetic but the way they handled and the joy they gave using them.

Beautiful old glass.


photos shot back in 2012 using the Fujifilm X-10



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